Service bot of instant mentions delivery. Track your:

Get fast access to mentions on the Internet, the press, television, social networks, radio, forums and blogs.

No registration No credit card needed Messenger selection

After mentioning the news comes in 2 min

It is very easy to use

  • Follow the link

    Follow the link

  • Enter a keyword

    The instructions in the messenger
    will help you enter it correctly

  • Get the result

    After mentioning the
    news comes in 2 min

Who is the service for?

  • For PR Managers

    • Brand and leaders` reputation

    • Market and competitor news

    • Creative industry news

    • Information threats

  • For the Company Owners

    • Own company (organization)

    • Competitors and their leaders

    • Regulators news

    • Market and tenders

  • For Deputies

    • Mentions of profile bodies

    • Mentions of colleagues in the committee

    • Numbers of bills

    • Your surname

  • For Journalists

    • Track specific events:}{:ru}Отслеживать конкретные события

    • Mentions of reputable sources

    • News distribution

    • Preparation of plots

  • For Top Managers

    • Competitors and their brands

    • Regulators news

    • Market and tenders

    • Own brand

  • For Marketers

    • The brand’s reputation in social networks

    • Creative industry news

    • Market and competitor news

    • Marketing innovations

Didn’t you find yourself?

Our experts will help you to set up the bot and tell you how it can be useful for you.


  • Basic

    • 2 search queries
    • Monitoring from the Internet (TOP 200)
    • Unlimited mentions
  • Premium

    • 10 search queries
    • Monitoring: Internet, press, television, social networks, radio, blogs and forums.
    • Unlimited mentions
    • Media type filtering
    • Providing reports in Excel format (with an annual subscription)
    • Providing reports in Excel format (with an annual subscription)
    • *Monthly automatic payment can be made directly from messengers, from the site – only for a year with a discount of ~ 20%

    Find out the price in support*

  • Corporate

    • 3 premium accounts
    • Monitoring: Internet, press, television, social networks, radio, blogs and forums.
    • Unlimited mentions
    • Media type filtering
    • Filtration by emotional color
    • Keywords generation support
    • Personal technical support
    • Adding new media resources for free.
    • Keywords generation support
    • Providing reports in Excel format (with an annual subscription)

    Find out the price in support*

  • Custom

    • 35 search queries
    • Keywords generation support
    • Download Reports (Excel and PDF formats)
    • Adding new media resources for free
    • Personal technical support
    • And all the functionality of the Corporate package
    • Providing reports in PDF format (with an annual subscription)
    • And all the functionality of the Corporate package

    Find out the price in support*

Frequently asked questions

What is a SoMo bot?

These are services that monitor and analyze information in the media around the clock. As soon as information about your brand / company / market / competitors appears, the bot sends information about it to the messenger of your choice in real time.

What sources does the bot monitor?

The bot covers media such as the Internet, television, the press, radio, social networks, forums and blogs. So, if you are mentioned in any of these media – the bot will immediately notify you.

How can I start using it?

Choose a messenger from the two available platforms, then enter the keyword in quotation marks and get the result with a speed of mention within 2 minutes.

How quickly does the news get into the bot after it appears?

Online publications (Internet, social networks) – up to 10 minutes. Television, radio (news stories) – up to 9 hours. The press – the day it came out until 9 am

What is a keyword?

This is a set of words or phrases that describe the subject of your monitoring request. The keyword can consist of many words and their combinations (for example, all possible spellings of the name of the company, brand, product), by which the bot will look for mentions in the media. Our support staff is always happy to help you adjust your keywords – choose the words or combinations of them to get the most accurate monitoring results.

Can I change the keywords in the bot?

Yes, you can change the keywords in the bot without any limits. To do this, call up the menu and select the appropriate menu item.

How can I pay for the services?

You can pay for the service immediately in Telegram by calling the appropriate menu item. You can also make a payment immediately on the site, after that you will receive a promo code, which can be entered in the selected messenger for getting Premium access.

How can I pay for the services?

Our Facebook bot loves to communicate, so if you previously received notifications, and then they stopped coming – just call the bot menu and the news will start coming again (* this is the specifics of Facebook)

Reviews about us

  • Anna Lewandowska

    Anna Lewandowska

    Assistant Consultant to MP of Ukraine

    I have been using the bot for several weeks. At the beginning it wasn’t clear how it works and monitors, but after updating it a little, I can say with certainty that this bot is a godsend! It helps you monitor the leading media quickly and efficiently. It’s very easy to use! It monitors and covers not only the media, but also Facebook pages, so if your keywords are used on the Internet, you will immediately receive a link to this page. I agree that information always costs money, but when information comes to you instantly and on a topic – there is no price for it! Thanks to the developers for such a helper!

  • Oleksandr Hlushchenko

    Oleksandr Hlushchenko

    Media expert

    I’m testing SoMo Bot Telegram channel – @SocmonitorBot. It tracks from many sources. Good quality. Messages come almost immediately. Not bad enough, I’m telling you. There is something to strive for, but it is done well. Can be recommended.

  • Liudmyla Marchenko

    Liudmyla Marchenko


    I configured the bot for five keywords. It catches all the articles that are on UA and RU sites. For better control, I did selective monitoring, which confirmed almost one hundred percent filtration. Recommend!

  • Tetiana Yavorska

    Tetiana Yavorska

    CEO of Yavoko

    “Excellent and high-quality product on the market, reliable support at all times.
    Messages come almost immediately. Used to track product mentions after launch. Very light and easy to use. I recommend the product to all colleagues! ”

  • Borys Marchenko

    Borys Marchenko

    Mentor, brand strategist in the INDAX accelerator

    “Very cool product and easy to use. Tone filters are especially useful because you can immediately understand the negativity that is being said about you”

  • Ruslan Strelets

    Ruslan Strelets

    Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine

    “Before that, I used another bot for almost a year and considered it a pretty decent option, until I switched to SomoBot. At first he meticulously tracked and compared. However, it immediately became clear that SomoBot is much faster and sends instant alerts if a keyword appears in media publications. Also finds mentions, even if there is an error in the keyword.
    And most importantly, you can use it without restrictions on the number of keywords.
    Undoubtedly, SomoBot is cool, because in the free monitoring there are even mentions in print media, which is not the case with other resources and their premium subscriptions.
    Now only SomoBot!”